Walker's Tea FAQ

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we have received.

Q. Is refrigeration required?

A. No. Refrigeration of Walker's Tea Concentrate is not needed.

Q. What are the ingredients?

A. Water, Tea, Caramel Coloring, Citric Acid & Sodium Benzoate. (Caffeine is also in the caffeinated concentrate.)

Q. May I split up a Web Special into both types of tea?

A. Yes, you may split up Web Special orders into both types of tea concentrate. To do so, please write how many caffeinated and decaffeinated bottles you would like in the "Special Instructions" section on the first shopping cart page.

Q. After putting in my billing/shipping information I clicked "Continue" only to be sent to an error page. How do I complete my order?

A. Before your order can be completed and finalized you must click the check box, directly above the "Continue" button, that shows you have read and understand how Shipping will be added to ALL orders that are not "Web Specials."

The box must be "checked" for any order that is not a "Web Special."

Walker's Tea Concentrate